Sorry for the lack of updates, but this is important

20 08 2008

First it started off with me just slacking on updates and more recently it’s become dealing with other major problems, mostly dealing with our house (which has been broken into twice now). But this is extremely important and I know it has nothing to do with food, but I volunteer with a local animal rescue group every week ( that takes in dogs all the time (dogs at kill shelters, dogs from animal control facilities, strays, dogs found in dumpsters & chained to trees, etc etc etc) and they rely solely on donations and receive no funding whatsoever. So please take a minute to read the below and if you can, donate a few dollars to help.

Thank you bloggers!! xoxo Ashley

**please crosspost**

One of our volunteers found a dog almost drowning in a ravine in Avondale Estates Sunday (08/17) evening. When the volunteer got the dog out of the water she saw a huge hole in the dog’s foot, it was obviously broken, and a hole on her back and side. She would not move her back legs, and thought she might be paralyzed. The dog just looked at her in the sweetest way, not an aggressive bone in her body. She was rushed to our ER vet, given meds for the pain and x-rayed. As it turns out she did not fall in the ravine and hurt herself. She was shot in the back, side and leg and most likely thrown in the ravine to die. She was operated on immediately to remove all the broken and shattered bones in her leg, back and side. We had no idea how long she had been laying in the dirty water.

AAR, Animal Emergency Center of Decatur, & The Village Vets-Decatur, desperately tried to save this girl, unfortunately, Gracie went downhill a couple of nights after rescuing her, lost all reflexes and feeling in both back legs, and in general was beginning to suffer. Evidently there were serious internal and spinal cord injuries. Sadly, we had to make the decision to let her go and not let her suffer any longer. We are just thankful that she didn’t die a slow, painful and lonely death, had pain management and a volunteer was with her to say goodbye. She was lovingly buried in the volunteer’s backyard with a few other special pets that have crossed the rainbow bridge.

However, Gracie’s fight is not over! We are now working with the DeKalb Animal Cruelty Investigators to find her killers! Channel 2 (wsbtv) has agreed to cover Gracie’s story and we have opened a “A Voice For Gracie” fund account that is strictly going towards a reward to catch the low life(s) that murdered her. Even though she is no longer with us we are going to continue her fight and WE are now her voice.

So please send around this email to help donate towards the reward fund. Folks can use the paypal link and just designate it as “A Voice For Gracie” reward fund. All funds will be transferred directly into her account.

Or you can contact Decatur First Bank about direct donations:
1120 Commerce Dr., Decatur, GA 30030, (404) 373-1000‎

And especially, if anyone has any information or recognizes this dog, please email:




3 responses

22 08 2008

It seriously blows my mind everyday that people can be so cruel. I’m so thankful that there are animal rescue groups out there to help all those poor animals.

26 08 2008

Oh man, poor pup.

As for FM.24.08, I think I’m going to sit this one out. I’ve done it every year, solo last, but I’m just not in the mood to do it this time. I hope the vegan team is awesome!!

29 09 2008
Jess - The Domestic Vegan

Oh, my gosh. Absolutely heartbreaking! I am so glad that you volunteer with this organization! Any updates on this pooch?

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