Playing catch up, plus a vegan cake!

16 07 2008

Been awhile! Friday, July 4th, was my birfday and I was greeted that morning to a surprise birthday cake that Mondo ordered for me from Dulce Vegan! A delicious vegan mint chocolate (my fave combo) cake w/ a frosted yellow rose (I’m from Texas); the cake never stood a chance, it was gone in 48 hours! Yeah, so I’m pretty much on no sweets right now (which I always say and can never seem to stick to).

We had a really fun day and kept it very low-key; I bought some sewing supplies that were 50% off at Jo-Ann’s, went to see Wall-E (and loved it!), ate at our favorite vegetarian Chinese restaurant, Harmony, and sweated our asses off at the botanical gardens before heading home. The next day I got my hair cut super short (and I love it!), spent time with some friends from Miami at The Earl and saw a band I’ve been wanting to see for awhile, Boris (who were absolutely AMAZING). Sunday morning we ate at Ali Baba’s in L5P and went to see Gonzo, a movie about the life and work of Hunter S. Thompson. All in all, it was a super fantastic weekend filled with yummy food, friends and fun!

Delicious steamed leek dumplings from Harmony, mmm…
Here are some photos that Mondo took from the botanical gardens and I’ve posted a couple more on my flickr. We had so much fun, despite it being so hot and yucky out. We can’t wait to go back once the weather cools down a bit. There is so much to see!

This past weekend, Mondo was at a Motorcycle Safety course so I pretty much had the house to myself and decided to make a spicy tofu scramble for breakfast Sunday morning after a kickass bike ride the night before. I bought this Louisiana hot sauce at the farmers market for a recipe and have become seriously addicted to it. I use it on everything now! I really love the taste of it on garlicky collard greens, mmmm. I didn’t actually eat the jalapeno shown on the plate, I can’t hang that tough! I’ve got plans to use it some black eyed pea croquettes.




13 responses

16 07 2008
Pink Theory

So much fun stuff! Happy late birthday!! That cake looks soooo good and it sounds like a fun day with a visit to the craft store and Harmony and the botanical gardens. Did you have fun at the Boris show? I haven’t seen them but Neal has and he says they are awesome. And yay for short hair! I love short hair and need to cut mine off again soon.

16 07 2008
Vegan Invasion! (Ashley Nicole)

Boris was AMAZING. I had so much fun and they put on an excellent show!! I should totally clarify that in my post!

17 07 2008
Lisa (Show Me Vegan)

what a great cake! Happy belated birthday. We just saw Gonzo last weekend BTW.

18 07 2008

Happy belated birthday! How much better could it get–a surprise cake from Dulce!

19 07 2008
Lori- the Pleasantly Plump Vegan

DAMN!!! Happy Birthday, late style!
I can’t wait to see yr hair cut!

24 07 2008
Lisa (Show Me Vegan)

Ashley Nicole, just stopping in again to let you know I’m passing along the Brillante Weblog Award to you! LOVE your banner and tagline.

24 07 2008

What a gorgeous birthday cake! Very nice. Those dumplings look tasty!

4 08 2008
Jess - The Domestic Vegan

That cake is gorgeous! Happy (very belated) birthday!

5 08 2008

Awesome photos! Your blog is great. Happy belated birthday 🙂

9 08 2008
Rural Vegan

Happy belated birthday, your cake is gorgeous!

10 08 2008

Happy late late birthday!! I didn’t know you were from Texas 🙂 Love the yellow rose on your cake.

16 08 2008

Mmmm, Harmony is the jam!

19 08 2008

Happy belated birthday! I would have loved a mint chocolate cake for my birthday. You are a lucky girl.

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