Blueberry Muffins, Biscuits, Vegan Sushi, Soy Curls w/ Peanut Sauce, Hummus and Yuca Frita!

29 06 2008

It seemed like it was going to rain pretty hard all afternoon yesterday, but of course I was wrong and it only lasted about 1.5 hours. It was enough though to make me feel bored, so I made blueberry muffins to busy me while I did some sewing and other things until the rain stopped.

The last time I made blueberry muffins I forgot to add baking powder and it was a disaster. These were absolutely marvelous!! Mondo really enjoyed them, I believe he proclaimed “Damn, these are good!” after eating one and then went for a second.
After cooling for a bit, slathered with some EB.

P-Bo trying to keep an eye on them, to make sure they don’t burn.

Last week I saw a recipe for some biscuits on Vegan Explosion! and decided I had to make them right then and there. I’m glad I did. My dad always made the most awesome biscuits for breakfast as a kid and I figured I could do the same and failed at doing so a few other times. Well, now I can! I think all recipes for biscuits are typically the same but something magical happened and these came out so fluffy and big and AWESOME. I see biscuits and gravy in our near future…

We went out to Sushi Avenue last Tuesday afternoon (we took the day off). We first went here with Lori and Jared and were so pleased at how cute the interior is of the restaurant and how yummy the rolls are.

Here is our first order (oh yeah, we totally did a second order with the same as below minus the avocado roll. We rolled ourselves out of the door after that).

From L to R: Avocado roll, Asparagus Tempura Roll, Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Tempura roll

We feel in love with the soy curls we picked up at Cosmo’s during the ice cream social. They are so versatile and taste great! I first used them in a ‘chicken salad’ wrap and decided to use the rest of the bag to make stir fried soy curls (w/ garlic and onions) topped with a spicy peanut sauce and broccoli. The result was one of the beast meals I have ever made. This came out perfect and still perfect after eating it for dinner that night, lunch the next day and then for dinner again the next night. (It ended up making A LOT). I’m not a fan of rice, so I served it over some red quinoa and it paired very well.

Just some roasted red pepper hummus I whipped up. The recipe is from YRR (I just add extra garlic…as I do with everything!). It turned out much brighter than this, but the color looks so muted in this photo! Very very yummy hummus.

Finally, last night’s dinner! I found frozen yuca at Publix for less than a dollar per bag and grabbed 2 bags to keep in my freezer! I’ve had a hard time finding it here and thought I had bought some before at the farmers market but couldn’t find it again the last time I went. I remembered all the yummy yucca dishes we’d eat while living in Miami and decided upon making Yuca frita (fried yuca). It was so much easier to make than I thought! You just boil the yuca chunks for about 30 minutes (I did less, because I didn’t want it mushy), cut then into pieces and de-stem them (they have a hard little string on the inside that you can very easily pull out with your fingers). Pour some oil in your pain, turn it up to med-high and fry them on both sides until they look a little brown. I drain them on a plate with some paper towels and then sprinkle them with salt. These are extremely tasty, kind of like a giant french fry (since yuca is in the same family as potatoes).

I did a simple salad on the side: romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, broccoli sprouts and sliced (Florida) avocado. On the side is some goddess dressing for the salad.


Happy One-Year Anniversary, Cosmo’s!!

22 06 2008

Last night was the Ice Cream Social at
Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the retail store. Turn out was INSANE!! I never knew there were so many vegans in Atlanta; it was amazing! Saw a lot of familiar faces and hung out with friends while stuffing ourselves full of delicious ice cream sundaes. I chose a few scoops of Purely Decadent (made w/ yummy creamy coconut milk) Coconut ice cream, a scoop of fresh strawberries and blueberries, some crumbled vegan shortbread cookies, ricemellow, chocolate sauce and soyatoo whipped cream. Mondo had scoops of Purely Decadent Cookie Dough ice cream, ricemellow and crumbled vegan shortbread cookies. There were homemade vegan waffle bowls and cones at the social, too! SO MUCH BETTER TASTING THAN IT LOOKS IN THIS PHOTO!

Everything in the store was 10% off and a portion of the profits are being given to the Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary. I grabbed a shopping basket and walked the aisles in search of new things! This is my take below: Tings (for me), Soy Curls, Mimic Creme, Dulce Vegan Cinnamon Roll (for mondo), Teese, Rasberry filled chocolate bar (for Mondo), Vega Smoothie mixes and Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe shirts for Mondo and I. Such an awesome and delicious haul…I can report that the Tings are already gone!

We had bundles of fun and can’t wait for the bake-off in December at Cosmo’s. It’s so great to hang out with such rad folks in our favorite store in Atlanta. Congrats Ken & Leigh, here’s to many more years!

(For more photos of the Ice Cream Social, there are some up on the store’s blog now!)

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t..

21 06 2008
I like cookies. A lot. I think I enjoy cookies more than any other kind of baked good out there. So I tend to make them more often than a lot of other things. I wanted to make a cookie out of things I needed to use up in my fridge (and sounded like a good combo in my head). I added chopped pecans, shredded coconut and dried cherries. I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew they looked SO good coming out of the oven. I sat patiently, kept myself busy picking up why they cooled off and then finally couldn’t take it and sunk my teeth into one. MMMM. So soft and full of flavor, something different each bite…a pecan here, a dried cherry there and an allover coconut flavor. Mondo liked them a lot, too…but he is still talking about the cookies I made last week (Chewy Chocolate Rasberry w/ pecans and dried cherries) and how awesome they were.

Earlier in the week I was really in the mood for roasted cauliflower and sauteed garlicky greens, so Mondo picked up some BBQ peach seitan from Whole Foods to add to the mix. I really love cauliflower and roasting it takes it to a whole other level. Just a little pepper, salt and olive oil and I’m a happy gal! I mixed purple kale and collard greens together along with some sauteed garlic, nooch, salt & pepper and vegetable broth. I’m trying to incorporate more veggies into our meals each night and this was a great beginning!

We’re heading over to the one-year anniversary Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe is having this evening, where we will stuff ourselves with the delicious ice cream sundaes that’ll be there!! A portion of the profits tonight are going to be donated to the Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary. Awesome store, ice cream sundaes, fun people and a great cause…it doesn’t get much better than this!

Update, Cookies & a Quick Meal

10 06 2008

Sorry for this boring update, I felt like I’ve been seriously neglecting this blog that I have just started! I’ve been taking a kickass sewing class at Beehive Co-Op, which is keeping me pretty busy (and happy with all the wonderful ideas swirling through my head of future creations!). I also made some appetizers, as I mentioned before for the ICE pre-party. I didn’t make as much as I had hoped to, but managed to make 2 good sized bowls worth of Tofu Spinach Dip (w/ diced water chestnuts and scallions) w/ tortilla scoop chips, a Cheezball (w/ lots of liquid smoke added and then rolled in chopped almonds) w/ Late July crackers and a LOT of yucca/black bean/yellow pepper/Vegan Gourmet monterrey jack quesadillas. I only heard positive things about everything I brought, so I am very pleased with the outcome! I only wish I would’ve gotten some photos of everything in presentation mode but I was running behind and completely forgot; it looked so beautiful sitting in its neon green serving dishes! The girls behind the party made gift baskets to say thanks for bringing food and mine contained a little potted plant, 2 adorable mushroom stuffies things, a headband, 2 pairs of earrings, 2 tea bags, a demo of the band playing that night and a thank you card! So super sweet!!
We came home, got spiffy and went back over to Youngblood Gallery for the par-tay and it was jam packed!! We watched the preview for the documentary Handmade Nation, listened to a band jam, drank some beer and walked around the store and looked at all the amazing things for sale. Mondo bought a big vinyl sticker he fell in love with (some zombie hand or something) and a magnet for me since I love magnets.

The next day was ICE and boy was it HOT and SWEATY out (I seriously think it was 103+ out that day). I wore a tshirt (bake and destroy!), skirt and flip flops and was dying. I forgot to wear sunscreen (yah, I know, so dumb especially when I have a tattoo sleeve) so I am super tan now. We had SO much fun. I bought a stuffed cactus in a terra cotta pot that I named Tex, A beautiful and colorful crocheted Day of the Dead sugar skull that I named Sugar and a mug (mine is a pretty pale green) from the rad Jeanette (behind Vegan Dish) that I have used like 12x since Saturday and I have plans to buy so much more from her. She is such a talent and she’s vegan, which makes it all the more awesome. We bought lots of treats from Dulce Vegan, too. Yumm!!
I haven’t been cooking that much lately, besides quick lunches and dinners but am feeling the bug to get back in the kitchen now that things have calmed down a bit. So I am looking forward to trying out all the recipes I’ve been drooling over.
Oh, the cookies at the top are some that I threw together last week when we were craving chocolate. They are the Chewy Chocolate-Raspberry cookies from Veganomicon but with added dried cherries and chopped pecans. Mouthwatering, I tell you…especially warm. I don’t even want to imagine what they’d be like with a scoop of soy ice cream on the side.
I saw the other day on Leigh’s blog this recipe for this. I had to try it that night because it sounded so good. I failed. I apparently used like 2x the pasta required for the recipe, so I did not get the ooey-gooey effect. It tasted good, though. I really like the idea of not using tofu or vegan cheese or nooch in the recipe and it was so simple to make! I’ll get it right next time around for sure. I made some yummy collard greens to go on the side (I could eat greens for every meal, mmmmm). Eating the two together all in one bite was even more delicious.

At some point we went to World Peace Cafe again, I don’t even remember when but it’s been within the past 2 weeks (my brain must be melting from the heat). Meh. It wasn’t very good this day…my tempeh reuben wasn’t all that great (I make a much better one) and I think I found a piece of plastic in it. Not fun.

These were really the only things we enjoyed from our meals…the beverages. You can see my tattoo more than my drink, but I had a
Guayaki Yerba Mate iced tea and Mondo had a cream soda. So refreshing.

This coffee was really bubbly.

Hopefully my next post will much more interesting!!